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The Spy Game: Ben Macintyre Talks About ‘Double Cross’
The New York Times
, John Williams, 1-08-2012.

“Double Cross” is Ben Macintyre’s third book about World War II espionage. When MI5, Britain’s domestic intelligence service, realized that it had turned all of Germany’s spies into double agents’.


The piece of paper that fooled Hitler
BBC News, Jon Kelly, 27-01-2011.

‘It was an audacious double-cross that fooled the Nazis and shortened World War II. Now a document, here published for the first time, reveals the crucial role played by Britain’s code-breaking experts in the 1944 invasion of France’.

The Guardian

How Garbo nearly got left alone
The Guardian, Ricard Norton-Taylor, 27-01-1999.

‘A brilliant double agent who was to play a key role in deceiving Hitler over the D-Day landings almost gave up attempts to spy for Britain because of the arrogance and lack of interest of MI6 officers, it is revealed today’.

The Cipher Brief

Bodyguard of Lies: British Intelligence and D-Day
The Cipher Brief, Calder Walton, 06-06-2019.